Project Wingspan Special Features

We’re excited to share some of the partnerships, progress, and amazing work that has taken place this past year through our Project Wingspan program!

  • Mason State Nursery

    At Mason State Nursery, the seed is cataloged, cleaned, and organized in a central location, as well as grown out to be able to be returned to the State it was received from. Collections are kept separate by species, collection zone, and state throughout the whole process! We’re dedicated to ensuring that the right plants get back to the right places! In doing this, we are able to promote the productivity and wellness of not only our pollinators, but also the healthy wildflower communities on which they rely.

  • Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge

    Team lead Kirsten Carlson and refuge biologist Kassie Karssen along with many volunteers (above photo) collect native seed for Project Wingspan at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge near Madison, Indiana (this 50,000-acre site was formerly known as Jefferson Proving Grounds, a World War II-era munitions testing facility).

  • BCCD and USACE

    Thank you for tuning in to our Project Wingspan Special Features! In this feature, Elizzabeth Kaufman, Pollinator Partnership's Plant Ecologist, is going to introduce you to two of the many exemplary partnerships that have been formed through Monarch Wings Across the Eastern Broadleaf Forest and Project Wingspan.