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  • New Planting Guides for British Columbia and Nova Scotia!

    Whether you are a farmer of many acres, land manager of a large tract of land, or a gardener with a small lot, you can increase the number of pollinators in your area by making conscience choices to include plants that provide essential habitat for pollinators!

  • The Island Pollinator Initiative

    The Island Pollinator Initiative is a program of Pollinator Partnership Canada - a coalition of groups working to protect pollinators on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands (British Columbia, Canada).

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  • Creating and Restoring Monarch Habitat

    In support of the habitat conservation measures outlined in the management plan, this report provides an assessment of the native plant industry’s capacity in the main Monarch breeding grounds within Canada to supply plant materials for habitat creation with milkweed and other native forbs.

    View the final report.

  • Pollinator Health in Canada

    Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency Pollinator Protection web page has been updated with the most recent bee incident report data. Please visit the links below for the information in English and French.

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    Read on in French


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