Pollinator Partnership and NRCS Oregon

Sarah Gardner, NRCS Partner Biologist West

Sarah Gardner is a passionate advocate for pollinator conservation, dedicated to protecting the vital role that pollinators play in our agroecosystems. With a Master’s from Utah State in Biology with an emphasis in Pollination Ecology, Sarah has spent over a decade researching and promoting pollinator-friendly practices. As the Western Regional Partner Biologist with P2 and the Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS), she has provided expertise for conservation planning development and implementation that support pollinators and pollinator habitats in and around the working lands of the Western United States. Her understanding of pollinator biology, habitat restoration, Farm Bill programs, and sustainable agriculture has allowed her to effectively collaborate with farmers, landowners, and conservation partners alike. The Partner Biologist position encompasses a unique intersect of education and outreach, where Sarah enjoys promoting pollinator health, biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of our food systems. She especially appreciates any opportunity to discuss the finer points of safeguarding pollinators for future farming generations

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