Pollinators on Managed Lands Task Force

Our Mission: Encourage incentives for pollinator habitat on transportation, utility rights-of-way, and renewable energy landscapes, including educational outreach and recognition of best practices. Expand supports for hosting honey bee hives on managed landscapes.

Task Force Accomplishments

  • NAPPC Pollinator Electric Power Award: Recognizing electric power companies who are leading the field in pollinator‐friendly projects. Click HERE to learn more!
  • NAPPC Pollinator Roadside Management Award: Recognizing transportation agencies who are leading the field in pollinator-friendly roadside practices. Click HERE to learn more!
  • Brochures (see below). To access all Pollinator Partnership brochures, go to www.pollinator.org/shop/brochures.

Task Force Chairs:

Jessica Fox, Senior Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Lora Morandin, Research and Conservation Director at Pollinator Partnership and Pollinator Partnership Canada

Michael Retterer, Rights of Way & Energy Coordinator at Pheasants Forever


Kelley Anderson, Conservation Programs Manager at The Walt Disney Company

Sara Ball, Director Environmental Affairs at Edison Electric Institute

Morgan Belle, Conservation and Science Technician at The Walt Disney Company

Iris Caldwell, Program Manager - Sustainable Landscapes at the University of Illinois Chicago

Philip Chen from CNUC

Michael Farrell, Evironmental Planner at Hydro One

Gabriela Garrison from NC Wildlife Resources Commissio

Steve Grodsky, Assistant Professor at Cornell University

James Hart, Conservation Ecologist at Pollinator Partnership

Joel Hunt, Statewide Pollinator Habitat Program Administrator at ODOT

Bradley Jost, Wildlife Biologist at the Bureau of Land Management

Marci Lininger, District Environmental Coordinator at the Ohio Department of Transportation

Margaret Lombard, CEO of the National Honey Board

Michael O'Loughlin, Communications Coordinator at Clark Public Utilities

Mindi Summers, Associate Professor (Teaching) at the University of Calgary

Lorne Widmer, Treasurer for Pollination Guelph/Pollinator Partnership Canada

Victoria Woodhouse, Habitat Program Manager at Canadian Wildlife Federation