Pollinator Partnership and NRCS Midwest

Isabel Nazarian, NRCS Partner Biologist Midwest

Growing up in rural Ohio, Isabel developed an early love for native plants and local ecosystems. She assisted in her first restoration project at the age of 15 and volunteered at nearby park districts. She graduated from Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources specializing in environmental science and ecosystem restoration. Isabel spent years in honey bee research, caring for over 100 hives around Ohio while conducting research on pesticides and analyzing CRP. She has also worked in ecosystem restoration, helping to execute WRP and other contracted plans through vegetation management, seed selection and seeding, erosion control, tree planting and more. With Pollinator Partnership, she is here to help landowners access all the resources they need to implement pollinator conservation on their land. Isabel is based in central Ohio and offers assistance to the Midwestern region. Contact her for assistance navigating NRCS programs, locating monetary and educational resources, questions about site preparation, species suggestions, best management practices, planning assistance or if you aren’t sure where to start! Isabel will also be putting together trainings, workshops, and outreach events for producers to better understand how they can incorporate pollinator habitat on their land while reaching their goals.

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