Where We Work


P2 manages NAPPC, North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), a growing, private-public collaboration of more than 120 diverse partners, with scientists, researchers, conservationists, government officials and stakeholder representatives working for over a decade to support the health of pollinating animals and the plants and habitat that they support. More information about NAPPC is available at http://www.nappc.org.

Bee Smart™ School Garden Kit

BeeSmart™ Pollinator Gardener App

S.H.A.R.E. (simply have areas reserved for the environment)

Highways Bettering the Economy and Environment Act (Highways Bee Act)

Pollinator Information Network of the Americas (formally Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network). P2 also manages the projects with Pollinator Thematic Network (PTN) University of Sao Paulo, NBII and USGS.

The Farm Bill Programs

Lansing Street Pollinator Garden

Nature's Partners: A Comprehensive Pollinator Curriculum for Grades 3-6