Things To Do While Social Distancing

The fight to contain and conquer the COVID-19 virus is a problem facing everyone in the world. We are all in this together, and Pollinator Partnership (P2) is pledged to keep working on behalf of pollinators, plants, people and the planet through this difficult time. We are also here to help YOU right now, too! Consider doing something for pollinators and feel better fast. Let us know what you are up to at, and don’t be a stranger – we are all part of the same hive. Let’s keep buzzing!

Here are a few things that you might enjoy while social distancing:

1) Get trained! – Our P2 programs like the online seed collection module is ready to educate and certify your training as a seed gatherer; great help for pollinators and enlightening for you.

2) Bee dirty. Plant some bee and butterfly friendly plants in your yard, garden, on your patio or window box. You will be encouraging pollinating visitors. P2’s Ecoregional Planting Guides are there to help you select the right plants for your neighborhood. A dig in the dirt always feels great!

3) Stay put. By not traveling, you are reducing your carbon footprint – good going! By cleaning up your footprint while you are sequestered at home, you may become in touch with how little you really need to be happy and healthy. Great maps on the reduced pollution from quarantined countries are at the New York Times.

4) Make a recipe. P2 has a doozy sent in by world famous, Presidential Medal of Honor Winner Dr. Mae Berenbaum. It uses all pollinator-assisted ingredients and is yummy – Cranberry-Chocolate Tart.

5) Order some brilliant art. The latest Pollinator Poster, "Our Future Flies With Pollinators", by artist Fiorella Ikeue features beautiful artwork depicting the the services pollinators provide through the lens of planetary health and climate action. Download yours by clicking HERE!

6) Read a book. Here are some of the recommendations found on –“Bee Basics” by Beatiz Moisset, Ph.D. and Stephen Buckmann, Ph.D. And “The Human Swarm” by Mark Moffett, Ph.D. Enjoy – and recommend your favorites to us at One of our P2 Board members, Terry Witzel recommends “The Honey Bus” by Meredith May.

7) Bee a Citizen Scientist. Watch for butterflies and bees as they emerge – I saw my local bumble bee for the first time today (Bombus vosnesenskii). You can find them all in Bumble Bees of the Western States and Bumble Bees of the Eastern States. Click each to go to order them now and enjoy! Use the Insight APP (download from the APP store for IOS) and register an observation.

8) Bee generous. Help your favorite charities keep doing what they do best! You know it matters more than ever – we appreciate any and all donations at

9) Bee grateful. Getting through the next months will be a challenge, but there will be less aggravation if we express our thanks and share the love. It is spring, and you should see little flying ambassadors soon. When you see a bee, say thank you. It’s a beautiful world, and we will get through this together. Your financial support makes all of this possible, and your partnership makes a real difference in the world. Thank you!