Shannon Farmer

NAPPC Coordinator

Shannon grew up on the Chesapeake Bay spending time with her family walking nature trails, fishing, and visiting various state and local parks. If you were to ask Shannon’s family where she could be found as a child, they would most likely tell you how she was off somewhere holding a bug of some sort. Shannon took her passion for animals to earn her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology at Eastern University near Philadelphia. She took an internship at the Philadelphia Zoo where she began to deepen her curiosity of animals. Pennsylvania proved to be too cold for her taste so she moved south to Florida to continue her work with various roles at zoos and aquariums for the next couple of years. Shannon became an expert interpreter through her experiences with climate activism, education, zoo-keeping, and conservation outreach. She later received a Master's certificate in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from the University of Denver. Shannon has taken all of her various life experiences to advocate for underserved youth and minorities who may be interested in careers in conservation, or who just want to learn how they can be empowered to change the world around them. Shannon enjoys reading, writing, and drinking boba tea while sitting by a lake at sunset. She’s eager to adapt her unique experiences and passion to help advance pollinator conservation through empowering communities!