Junaid Khan

Research Ecologist and Pollinator Stewardship Coordinator


Prior to joining Pollinator Partnership in 2021, Junaid was working towards his PhD in Biology at York University, focusing on decolonizing approaches in conservation practice. Although this work looked to native pollinators as a case study, Junaid's work in the ecological field has ranged from wetland restoration and habitat research, to invasive ant species, to prioritizations in global plastic pollution management to novel population discoveries of an extirpated toad species in Costa Rica to seabird parasites and pathogens, and beyond. Being an educator in the fields of academia, martial arts, community engagement and youth STEM programming, Junaid has taught in three languages (Urdu, Hindi, English), and has helped create learning materials and courses for all types of audiences. A person of color and a visible minority, Junaid has worked tirelessly to balance culture, science, and working in good-relationship with all -- especially those from marginalized groups. With a decade-long work history in the environmental field, Junaid has served as Vice Chair for the Planning Clinic, an urban planning non-profit in Toronto, has published works with global collaborators, and held the Canadian Graduate Student Scholarship as well as the Ontario Graduate Scholarship for his graduate research. His focus in future endeavors looks to restart ecological work from the ground-up, building partnerships and collaborations with communities of color and Indigenous peoples in Ontario around struggles of land sovereignty, food security, and living in good relations. Nahaw, shkwa-dash, miinwaa chi miigwech nijikewenhyig - Okay, finished-now, and thank you very much friends.