Jordan Phelps

Bee City Canada Program Coordinator

Jordan Phelps is the Bee City Program Coordinator for Pollinator Partnership Canada. His passion for pollinators was sparked as an undergraduate at Western University where he studied animal cognition and learned about the incredible feats of learning and memory that bees and other small-brained but mentally mighty pollinators are capable of. He went on to complete an MSc at Western in neuroscience where he studied how exposure to common pesticides impacts the ability of bumblebees to learn about and gather food from flowers. This experience launched a lifelong interest in pollinators – not only for the good of our food crops and the ecosystem, but also because they are fascinating creatures to watch and learn from. Jordan is delighted to bring this passion to Bee City Canada, where he works with municipalities, Indigenous communities, campuses, schools and businesses to make meaningful change for pollinators.