Andy Grinstead

Habitat Specialist and Project Wingspan Manager

Andy grew up in Indiana, where he developed an enduring fascination for nature and exploration in the dense hardwood forests of the Hoosier National. He spent countless hours hiking, camping, building forts, and wandering the woods at night looking to uncover new natural mysteries. He wanted to share his passions for the outdoors and so pursued a degree in recreation with hopes of becoming an interpretive guide. Andy later discovered that to answer his childhood quandaries he needed to learn more about ecology and natural history, so he completed a masters specializing in ecological restoration. He has worked in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Great Plains of the Dakotas, mountains and foothills of Colorado, expansive deserts of New Mexico, and cascading gorges of Upstate New York. A common theme throughout his career has been community engagement and volunteerism in support of natural resource management initiatives. Andy is excited to share his enthusiasm for plants, pollinators, and human connection with Pollinator Partnership and community.