Pollinator Story: National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation supported the inaugural activities of NAPPC in the early 2000s and actively combats the current pollinator crisis across North America. Since 1973, approximately 3 million acres of habitat have been restored through our Garden for Wildlife program. We also co-founded the National Pollinator Garden Network with Pollinator Partnership and many NAPPC members, which have recruited over 1 million pollinator gardens in 4 years.

More than 600 mayors and other local and tribal government chief executives from North America have signed our Mayors’ Monarch Pledge since fall 2015. By doing so they have committed to creating habitat for monarchs and pollinators, educating their communities on how they can support this effort. Through this program, participants have created more than 6500 acres of habitat for monarchs. The state of Texas alone holds six Champion City mayors, committing to every action item on the pledge, and they have also set up the Monarch Stewards volunteer program, which has trained more than 250 people in the state.

On the education front, our Monarch Heroes program – a 2-year K-12 project-based learning environmental education and outreach program – empowers campus teams of students, teachers and community members to create critical native habitat and contribute to monarch conservation.

Since 2011 we have hosted the biennial “America’s Grasslands Conference”, featuring the latest research, management, and conservation topics on North American grasslands, including pollinator habitat issues. We also advocated for increased funding and improved policies for pollinator habitat in the federal Farm Bill and have helped six state departments of transportation along interstate 35 develop an outreach effort called the Monarch Highway.