Climate Change and Pollinators Task Force

The Climate Change and Pollinators Task Force focuses on the impacts of and mitigation for climate change including extreme weather impacts, species range shifts, and phenological mismatch in relation to pollinator health and overall planetary health.

Opening Statement

The rhythms of life shaped by millions of years of evolution are being challenged and altered by our rapidly changing climate. The connections long established between plants and their pollinators are of particular concern since these interdependencies shape and sustain nearly all terrestrial ecosystems. Our future will be defined by how well we understand and maintain these connections.

Vision Statement

A global community in which everyone is educated, engaged and invested to address and adopt policies, decisions and action regarding adaptive approaches to climate change and pollinators.

Mission Statement

To educate the public on the effects of climate change on plants and pollinators and to mitigate these effects through science-based programs with the goal of sustaining the connections that maintain the ecosystems that support us.