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Welcome! We are so happy that you are a Bee Friendly Gardening Member! The two fundamental principles of Bee Friendly Gardening (BFG) are pollinator habitat and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - in other words, plant for pollinators and adopt management practices that will keep them safe. Here at BFG we will help you continue your efforts to further this mission.

Join Members Only Facebook Page

Have you joined the BFG Member Facebook Group yet? It's a great place to show off your garden and chat with other BFG Members from around North America. Just fill out a few questions to verify you are a BFG Members (be sure you have your unique membership number found on your Certificate of Membership ready).

Bee Friendly Garden Registration

Once you become a Member of BFG, we hope that you will create and register your Bee Friendly Garden with Pollinator Partnership. We want to be a resource hub to assist you in creating habitat. Make sure to check out our resources tab, our Guide to Guides, as well as our growing collection of quick reference guides!

Once you register your garden, we invite you to purchase a sign to help raise awareness. Your actions help educate and encourage others to join us in creating pollinator habitat. Once you install your sign, email a photo of it (include yourself if you wish!) in your Bee Friendly Garden for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter. You will also be invited to participate in our iNaturalist project! This is something we sincerely hope you will join and contribute to, as a way to measure the collective impact all of our Bee Friendly Gardens are having.


  • Plant nectar and pollen-providing plants that bloom throughout the season, especially in early spring and late autumn. We provide resources to help you with this! These can be native plants supporting your ecosystem as well as non-invasive introduced species.
  • Provide nesting sites via permanent plantings and by leaving dead stems, bare ground, and tree stumps/snags, or by offering bee houses.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides, and eliminate pesticides that are harmful to pollinators. Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Get Your Friends Involved and Earn Free Swag

Encourage your pollinator-loving friends to join Bee Friendly Gardening. When they apply, they can add your name to the application field "How did you find out about BFG?" and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of our super cool BFG hats. Don’t want to wait? Visit our BFG Member Stuff page to purchase one today.

BFG Member Stuff


We want to see and hear about your Bee Friendly Garden. We want to include your real-life experiences in our newsletter and social media posts to inspire fellow members and provide a platform for you to show off your hard work. Email your garden story along with photos to

We’re always looking for content for recurring columns, such as My Favorite Pollinator Plant (make sure to tell us why) and How Many Host Plants? (how many host plants for pollinators do you have in your garden, and which ones?). We love to share stories about how our members are advocating for pollinators in their community - through community gardens, public-facing habitat creation, pollinator-themed celebrations, raising awareness in neighborhoods and cities, and volunteer efforts. Tell us about the neat things you have done! We’d love to hear from you. Have feedback on the program? Send it to

Garden Design Services for BFG Members

BFG members receive a 20% discount on consulting services by Pollinator Partnership. Click the link below and we can help you get your garden started!