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California Ag Network (CAN) For Pollinators

The California Ag-Land Network for Pollinators (CAN for Pollinators) is looking for producers who are enthusiastic about increasing pollinator habitat and receiving financial and technical support for implementing on farm practices that support pollinators in California. Through a USDA NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program, CAN for Pollinators is offering contracts to distribute over $1,000,000 to California’s farmers and ranchers to help them build habitat on their property. Pollinator Partnership and the CAN for Pollinators Team are eager to have you join the network as a producer-participant.

NOW OPEN Application for the California Ag-Land Network (CAN) for Pollinators Program.


Enhanced Farmland for Pollinators, Crops, and Soil

Through the California Department of Food and Agriculture Pollinator Habitat Program, each project will be designed so that regionally appropriate species are chosen to support pollinators and soils. A priority will be given to plant species that have high establishment rates, low cost, drought tolerance, low maintenance, and soil health benefits. Pollinator Partnership, CAFF, WFA are excited to offer webinars and onsite trainings, and can offer support in IPM implementation and monitoring.

NOW OPEN Application for the Enhanced Farmland program.


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