Bee Friendly Farming Certification Application

Congratulations on making the commitment to support pollinators and agriculture by becoming a Bee Friendly Farming Certified operation. We welcome you to this application platform and are standing by to answer any questions you may have at This application should take approximately 45 minutes if all documentation is ready to upload. You have been provided with a checklist on the right to help you be prepared.

Second vs. Third Party Verification

Second Party

2nd party verified programs are programs where the standard owner conducts verification. Between 2020 and 2023, Pollinator Partnership certified over 250,000 acres of farmland across over 450 farms through the second-party program. These farmers manage over 80,000 acres of pollinator forage and habitat. Through grower provision of on-site photos, maps, records, and application questionnaire, farmland can achieve certification. When necessary, BFF team members will reach out to the applicant for necessary follow up information. Before certification can be awarded, all criteria must be verified.

Third Party

In 2023, Pollinator Partnership launched a third-party verified option for the Bee Friendly Farming Certified program. This option supplements the widely adopted BFF program to meet sustainable sourcing requirements from global brands and retailers. Keeping with the BFF philosophy, we developed this option closely with farmers, brands, and sustainability partners to ensure effectiveness for farmers, brands, consumers, AND pollinators. The standards of BFF Certification have not changed. This option has been developed in partnership with and overseen by Where Food Comes From (WFCF).

Second Party vs. Third Party

The 3rd party verification option differs from the 2nd party verification program. Growers, processors, handlers, brands, or other stakeholders that hope to achieve 3rd party certification will work directly with Pollinator Partnership and Where Food Comes From to organize an audit and verification program. WFCF will handle all data collection and verification of the standards

Third-Party Verification

Account Information

You can pause your progress at any time and resume the application when ready. The application will automatically save your entries when you advance to the next page.

Once you are a certified Bee Friendly Farm, you will have access to this portal and your unique account going forward. This account will be used to make payments, to download your certificate, add new data about your farm and to undergo compliance.

If you are an individual farm registering as a single certification, you will need to have all of the checklist items available for upload.

If you are an organization that manages many farm accounts, you will need to have all of the checklist items for each unique property applying for certifications under your management.

You will be able to make sub-accounts for each unique property.

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