2022 NAPPC Pollinator Electric Power Award Winner

Disney Solar Pollinator Project

The Disney Solar Pollinator Project supports Disney’s sustainability goals to drastically improve the company’s carbon footprint by including a 50% net reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 compared to 2012 levels. Disney worked with ORIGIS Energy USA, Duke Energy, Reedy Creek Improvement District, and Reedy Creek Energy Services to bring two solar facilities online to achieve their goal. The installation of two solar facilities provides valuable habitat for pollinators and opportunities for further research regarding solar panel impacts on native bees. The project’s designated research meadow will be maintained indefinitely and aims to increase the acreage of native flowering plant cover in and around the arrays. The Citrus Ridge Solar plant covers approximately 270 acres of land and produces 52 megawatts of power. The Mickey Solar Array covers approximately 22 acres and produces 5 megawatts of power. Disney uses the solar facilities to educate and inspire children enrolled in the Disney Summer Conservation Camp in addition to engaging Disney cast members and guests in citizen science programs.