• North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC)

  • Pollinator Week

  • Ecoregional Native Planting Guides for Pollinators – online and app version

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  • P2 received the prestigious national Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medal by The Garden Club of America

  • NAPPC was selected twice as a PESP Champion by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Created NAPPC-WHC Pollinator Award to Corporations (past winners include Waste Management, American Electric Power, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., Lafarge North America Inc., General Motors Corporation, and PPG Industries, Inc.)

  • P2 and NAPPC have awarded 28 Pollinator Advocate Awards recognizing individual and organizations that support pollinators across Canada, the United States, and Mexico over the past 7 years

  • P2 and WHC have awarded Corporate Pollinator Advocate Awards to 9 corporations over the past 9 years, including: Toyota Motor Company, Busch Agricultural Resources, Inc., Waste Management, Inc., and PPG Industries, Inc.


  • Initiated National Academies of Science National Research Council study, “Status of Pollinators of North America,” which generated over 300 articles

  • Collectively wrote White Paper “Bombus terrestrus”

  • Multiple in-house peer-reviewed publications on pollinator conservation and biology

  • Publications in industry magazines and journals influencing policy and practice


  • Funded more than 30 research grants for Honey Bee Health

  • Working in key crop production states to study the impacts of conservation

  • Collecting new data on native pollinators in understudies regions, including the Gulf Coast and Northern Plains.

  • Built IABIN PTN Pollinator Data Portal of the Americas

    • Trained approx. 100 people from 20 different counties to digitize pollinator data



  • Impacting over 30 million acres of agricultural landscapes through research

  • Influencing over 280,000 acres of managed timberland to support honey bees and native bees.

  • Improving over 25,000,000 kilometers of road for pollinators with the Highway Bees ACT

  • Impacting 300,000 kilometers of utility corridors in the United States through local habitat research with utility partners.

  • Restoring nearly 1200 acres of landscape in Southern California, home of rare and endangered pollinator dependant species such as Santa Susana Tar Plant


  • Sponsored U.S. Postal Service Stamp Series

  • Created Pollinator Week –5 successful years

    • Singed by Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of the Interior

    • Endorsed by the U.S. Senate

    • Proclaimed by 48 State Governors

    • P2 Pollinator Week website has had over 40K page views

  • Created the BeeSmart™ School Garden Kit, which is geared towards students in grades 3-6 – over 200 Kits have been distributed over the past 2 years

  • Created 31 Ecoregional Guides

  • Created the BeeSmart™ Gardener App that has had over 7K downloads over the past 8 months

  • Organized annual pollinator posters – approx. 500K distributed all around the world

  • Impacted more than 40K with the BugMobile

  • Created a dozen pollinator fact sheets

  • Created 10 brochures for specific target audiences (pesticides, monarch, Rights-of-Way, etc.)

  • Created and maintained a database of honey bee health research for scientists and conservation biologist


  • Partnered with the U.S. Botanic Garden Pollinator Exhibit (1/4 Million Visitors)

  • Held Pollinator Photography Exhibit

  • Hosted 6 Congressional Briefings

  • Fostered NCEAS Meeting on Pollinator Data

  • Helped create and manage the Congressional Pollinator Protection Caucus (CP2C)

  • Signed 11 agreements with Federal Agencies that manage or influence 1.5 billion acres of U.S. land

  • Co-sponsored Canada NAPPC/CPI Meeting

  • Co-sponsored Mexico NAPPC Meeting

  • Planted demonstration Gardens with NRCS Plant Materials Center and Public

  • Supported over 100 Forest Service gardens at administrative sites

  • Expanded pollinator reach into Canada with Pollinator Partnership Canada