Agricultural Landscapes Habitat Survey Agricultural Habitat Wanted!

Project Wingspan Agricultural Lands (PWAL) seeks to work with agricultural communities to help protect, preserve, and promote pollinator health. Many farmers and ranchers work hard to be good stewards and keep the lands they manage healthy now and for future generations. PWAL wants to help increase stepping-stone habitat within key spaces found in the agricultural landscape including current and historic farmlands or ranches, buffers, field edges, set-asides, roadsides, rangeland, conservation easements, garden areas, and more. This program seeks to better understand current landscape conditions and will provide interested farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners/managers with habitat resources and technical training on how to best enhance underutilized spaces within the agricultural landscape and gain improved knowledge of these actions by employing monitoring programs.

Are you interested in enhancing areas you own or manage within the agricultural landscape?

Are you interested in participating in a collaborative large-scale effort to help support our vital pollinators and the native habitat they depend on?

If so, please fill out the preliminary survey below to apply for program participation.

We are working to identify habitat areas in rural and working lands throughout IL, IN, MI, and OH. PWAL seeks to better understand current management practices and learn about existing and future pollinator habitat projects. By completing the survey below, you will be eligible for program participation, which includes:

  • Notification of relevant Project Wingspan pollinator habitat workshops and training.
  • Access to a resource document outlining a variety of projects, organizations, funding pools, educational tools, and other resources for your state that can help you with your pollinator habitat plans (currently under construction but will be shared upon completion).
  • Assistance in getting connected with Bee Friendly Farming staff, USDA Farm Bill Biologists, USFWS Private Lands Biologists, and other natural resource professionals to discuss pollinator habitat options on your land (if desired).
  • Consideration as a possible recipient site for free native plant seeds and/or plugs awards generated from the Project Wingspan effort in support of habitat enhancement or creation projects in 2023 (limited supplies available).

Please Note:

Habitat areas need to be a MINIMUM of 1 (one) acre in size to enter the survey (this can include buffer strips, windbreaks, blooming hedgerows, blooming cover crops, wildlife plantings, etc.), with the following exceptions:

Schools and Educational Centers within the rural or urban agricultural community with less than an acre available may still be eligible for native plant material awards for demonstration habitat areas through obtaining a recommendation from a State Coordinator or participating program partner (see PW home page for listed core and satellite partners).

Thank you!