Joanna Scott

Indiana NRCS Pollinator Liaison

Joanna’s passion for nature began at a young age, growing up in the woods along Cicero Creek in a rural, Indiana town. Spending time exploring the outdoors as well as tending to her farm animals, Joanna’s appreciation for all living things grew. She attended Purdue University’s Forestry and Natural Resources Department, majoring in Wildlife Biology. Joanna landed her first job out of college in northeastern Montana working for The Nature Conservancy at the Matador Ranch and later took on a position with the Central Indiana Land Trust. Joanna spent the last couple of years working for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation as the Natural Resources Coordinator where she has overseen the development and maintenance of several pollinator habitat projects and led a Project Wingspan seed collection team. She is also serving as Pollinator Partnership’s part-time NRCS Pollinator Liaison for Indiana, where she gets to apply her passion and experience toward helping landowners reach their pollinator habitat and land management goals.

In her spare time, she enjoys working alongside her husband, Taylor, on their small farm - tending to goats, chickens, dogs, and gardens. Joanna loves exploring the hidden gems of Indiana and is always up for an adventure.