Jarrod Fowler

Restoration Ecologist


Jarrod Fowler is a Restoration Ecologist at Pollinator Partnership. Jarrod helps people protect and restore pollinator populations. He has extensive practical knowledge of the pollinator habitat restoration process. His comprehensive skills include assessing, designing, preparing, propagating, installing, maintaining, monitoring, and evaluating pollinator habitats. Fowler worked as a horticulturist before studying entomology and ecology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He gained expertise and recognition as a pollinator conservationist while employed by National Wildlife Federation - Garden for Wildlife, United States Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Geological Survey - Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab, and The Xerces Society. Jarrod has consulted clients, conducted workshops, taught courses, and published articles, books, guides, and websites about pollinators. His species lists of pollen specialist bees have inspired people to conserve and observe native plants. Fowler also creates ecological sound art, performs experimental music, and plays drums and percussion. https://jarrodfowler.com.