Why should you contact your Governor?

Many states require that one of their citizens request that events such as Pollinator Week be officially proclaimed. Thanks to wonderful citizens like you, in 2010 38 states officially declared Pollinator Week!
Please take a moment to sign and mail the letter below to your governor. Your effort is making Pollinator Week 2011 a great success!

How should you contact your Governor?

The following documents are available for download; a list containing governor contact information and a sample letter that can be easily customized; and the text for the proclamation:

  • Governors' Contact Information

  • Sample Letter

  • Proclamation Text

  • Suggested Script for Calling Governor's Office
  • Hello my name is “your name”.  Can I speak to the person that handles proclamations? 
  • I am calling to follow up to a letter sent by the Pollinator Partnership requesting *STATE* proclaim Pollinator Week June 20-26, 2011.  The Pollinator Partnership would love to publicize *STATE’S* support of pollinators to their constituents.  Please let me know what I can do to move this proclamation forward.
  • Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.  Have a great day.