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Press Kits

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National Pollinator Week 2010 Press Kit

*** Congressional Briefing for National Pollinator Week on Thursday, June 24 in Washington, DC. (Download Flier)

2009 Press Kit

Pollinator Week Fact Sheets
For Everyone
For Public Land Managers
For Gardeners
For Farmers and Ranchers
For Teachers and Students (4th-6th grades)
For the Food Industry
Primer on Pollination and Pollinators
Pollinator Friendly Meal Ideas

Pollinator Week Images - Please Download
"Bounty of Bees" Poster
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Central Appalachian
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Chihuahuan
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Eastern Broadleaf Continental
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Eastern Broadleaf Oceanic
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Outer Coastal
Ecoregional Guide Cover: Prairie Parkland

News and Event Archive

Thursday, October 22, NAPPC Public Session Presentations
Open to the media and the public
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1st Floor Conference Center
Potomac Yard
2777 Crystal City
Arlington, VA 22202
To view invitation and all details click here
To RSVP click rsvp@pollinator.or

Pollinating the Farm Bill
Request to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture for $20M in FY10 Allocation to USDA for Pollinator Research
Organizations, researchers, and individuals - Posted May 6th 2009
Organizations, researchers, and individuals - Updated May 13, 2009
Organizations and companies - Posted May 6th 2009
Organizations and companies – Updated May 13, 2009 

Media Release- May 15, 2008
Pollinating the Farm Bill - Conference Report Summary

Pollinator Week 2007
Congressman Alcee Hastings' Appeal to Support National Pollinator Week
About Pollinator Crop Art
Watch Dr. E.O. Wilson's 2007 Pollinator Week Speech
Chambliss-Baucus Senate Dear Colleague Supporting Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week Art
Pollinator stamp art jpg: "Pollination" - Block of 4 (Wildflowers Center)
Pollinator stamp art jpg: "Pollination" - Block of 4 (Pollinators Center)
Guidelines for downloading stamp art
North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) logo jpg

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) Information

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Broadcast on Colony Collapse disorder
Media Advisory for the March 29th House Agriculture Subcommittee hearing
Coevolution Institute Statement
Executive Summary: Coevolution Institute Comments
What you can do about CCD

News Releases

March 20, 2009 --- Honey Bee Health Research Grants 2009 PDF

January 28, 2008 --- Free Pollinator Items for Gardeners, Teachers, Farmers, Land Managers, and Bee-Lovers : 2nd National Pollinator Week: June 22-28, 2008

June 28, 2007 --- Coevolution Institute Applauds Introduction of Blumenauer Pollinator Habitat Conservation Legislation

June 18, 2007 --- Pulitzer-Prize Winning Scientist Speaks on the Importance of Pollinators

June 13, 2007 --- National Pollinator Week, June 24-30, 2007

June 5, 2007 --- A Butterfly to Bloom in Kansas

April 2007 --- Will a Butterfly Bloom in Kansas? (Pollinator Crop Art)

March 2007 --- Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees: A Significant Wakeup Call that Pollinators are at Risk

February 2007 --- New buzz about the birds and the bees: Pollinator Week, June 24-30

October 2006 --- National Academy of Sciences study on the status of pollinators in North America

October 2006 --- U.S. Postal Service introduces a "Pollination" stamp series for release in June 2007

September 2006 --- U.S. Department of Agriculture officially proclaims Pollinator Week

September 2006 --- U.S. Senate designates June 24-30, 2007 National Pollinator Week