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2014 Press Releases

Presidential Memorandum- Signing for Pollinators
Strong commitment to pollinator actions

On June 20, 2014 the White House announced the first comprehensive pollinator program ever created throughout the federal government. President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum to bring federal actions to the pollinator issue that will provide increased collaboration, solid science, practical management, and essential research goals. Learn more.

Unique Stakeholder Group Works to Reduce Honey Bee Exposure Corn Dust Research Consortium (CDRC) Calls for Widespread Cooperative Measures To Support Honey Bees, Beekeepers, and Farmers

Other P2 Features

Featured in the April 2014 Issues of Fine Gardening
"More flowers = more food. Planting native flowers within a vegetable garden attracts bees and yields a healthier, more prolific harvest."
By Mary Byrne Rager, Plant Ecologist, Pollinator Partnership


The Pollinator Partnership featured in the NEW YORK TIMES - Setting the Table for a Regal Butterfly Comeback, With Milkweed

Read this exclusive from AgriNews interviewing Pollinator Partnership's Executive Director in "Many factors affect pollinators' ability to thrive"

The Pollinator Partnership featured in THE WEEK magazine


Pollinator Partnership Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter


Pollinator Partnership Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

Watch the video of Pollinator Partnership's Dr. Mark Moffett on The Colbert Report!

Meet the bees—the queen, the workers and the drones—in this wonderfully fantastic and wildly
educational series of short films created by Isabella Rossellini, actress, director and uncanny Burt impersonator.

2013 Press Releases

Jim Beam® Honey On A Mission To Save Bees From A Serious Issue By "Suing" Bears

Times Square Features Bees on Broadway - Bee and Butterfly Deaths Call for Action


Pollinator Week 2013 - Bee and Pollinator Health a Serious Concern and a Priority

Pollinator-Beneficial Farm Bill Amendment Adopted by House During Pollinator Week - Would Help Ensure Viability of Honey Bees, Native Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects

Corn Dust Research Consortium (CDRC) Awards Research Grants to Help Honey Bees, Beekeepers and Farmers - Unique Stakeholder Group Seeks to Reduce Honey Bee Exposure to Corn Planting Dust

A Message from the Pollinator Partnership Executive Director on CCD and Neonicotinoids







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