North American Pollinator
Protection Campaign


October 21-23, 2014

U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20250


**Tentative Agenda Subject to Change



Open to the Public Morning Session

8:30 AM

Security and Registration / Coffee and Breakfast Pastries

9:00 AM

Presentation of Colors

9:10 AM

NAPPC Welcome –David Inouye

9:15 AM

USDA Welcome – Krysta Harden,  Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, USDA (invited)

9:30 AM

Pollinator Partnership Welcome – Laurie Davies Adams

9:45 AM

Jim Jones , EPA  Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (invited) Pesticide Registration Procedures and Progress

10:05 AM

Peter Beesley, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Business for Bees, How Rights of Way Can Become Forage and How Companies are Pitching in for Pollinators

10:20 AM

Break and USGS -  MOU Signing, USGS  Representatives

10:30 AM

James Strange, Ph.D. , Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS
Keeping Healthy Bees to Meeting Pollination Needs

10:50 AM

Nigel Raine, Ph.D. , Research Chair in Pollinator Conservation, University of Guelph (invited)
Pollinator News from Canada and Europe

11:15 AM

Tim Tucker, Pres. American Beekeeping Federation
Beekeepers View of the Path to Success (tentative)

11:30 AM    

Transition to Member Only Session

NAPPC Member Only Closed Session

11:45 AM

Welcome – NAPPC Steering Committee

11:50 AM

2013 Task Force Reports

12:30 PM

Working lunch (Move to Task Force Rooms in Yates Building)

2:15 PM

Task Force Session 1 Wrap Up

2:20 PM

Task Force Updates (Plenary Session back to Whitten Patio)

2:55 PM

Corn Dust Research Consortium Update

3:00 PM

Honey Bee Health Updates

James Burritt

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Honey bee hemocyte profiles associated with winter hardiness

Jonathan Lundgren


This proposal directly addresses the program priority area 2) Effects of pesticides on bee behavior, physiology and/or colony health.

Heather Mattila

Wellesley College

The effect of nutritional stress on the foraging and recruitment activity of honey bee workers

Arathi Seshadri

Colorado State University

How Do Drought Stress Related Alterations to Floral Traits and Reward Profiles in Canola Influence Honeybee Foraging and Colony Health?

Ashleigh Smythe

Hamilton College

Assessing the role of environmental conditions on efficacy rates of entomopathogenic nematodes for controlling small hive beetles in honey bee hives - a citizen science approach

Anthony Vaudo

The Pennsylvania State University

The effects of pollen diversity on bumble bee health in an agricultural environment

4:00 PM

Day 1 Program Ends - Wrap Up Instructions

5:00 PM

Informal Optional Get-Together
21st Amendment Bar and Grill - Holiday Inn Capitol South
550 C Street, Southwest 
Washington, DC 20024 



Final Day of NAPPC Member Sessions

8:30 AM


8:30 AM

Breakfast Briefings

9:30 AM

Break/Discussion with Breakfast Briefing Speakers

10:00 AM

Task Force Session 2

12:00 PM

Lunch Speaker Michael Stebbins, Ph.D., White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (invited)
The Presidential Memorandum –A First Step in a Coordinated, Sustainable Future for Pollinator Health

1:00 PM

2014 Task Force Reports

2:30 PM

Evaluations and Final Wrap Up

NAPPC Steering Committee Meeting

3:00 PM

Steering Committee Meeting Begins

4:00 PM

Steering Committee Meeting Ends