North American Pollinator
Protection Campaign



NAPPC has given and received many awards since it began in 1999.
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Since 1999, NAPPC has grown from an idea by Gabriela Chavarria, Ph.D., and philanthropist-beekeeper, Paul Growald, to an international force driving interest in the vital role and fragile status of native and managed pollinators; species responsible for one-third of our food.  

Here are some NAPPC accomplishment highlights:Flowers39_BO4_BGv1

• A NAPPC Task Force worked for four years on the creation of a National Academy of Sciences NRC panel, which issued the first, scientific based report demonstrating major pollinator decline in North America in 2006, The Status of Pollinators.

•  A NAPPC Task Force successfully petitioned for a four-stamp 2007 US Postal Stamp series illustrating pollinators in action.

•  NAPPC parent organization, the Pollinator Partnership, has signed 11 major working pollinator-protection agreements with federal government agencies responsible for more than 1.5 billion acres of federally managed-influenced land.

• NAPPC partners created input and the Pollinator Partnership delivered ideas to ensure that the 2008 Farm Bill included pollinator programs in conservation and research titles.

• NAPPC partners have worked with the USDA Sec. of Agriculture and with the US Senate to create of National Pollinator Week at both federal and state levels.

• A NAPPC Task Force has awarded research grants to cover more than seven aspects of health for the crisis-threatened honey bee.

• NAPPC and the Pollinator Partnership have developed 31 web-based eco-regional planting guides for all regions of the U.S. to prepare the way for healthy pollinator-friendly landscapes across millions of farms, homes, schools, parks and corporate landscapes.

• NAPPC has met for 9 international annual meetings to coordinate and promote the interests of 120 partner organizations in three nations.