Our Mission

We help people protect pollinators to ensure healthy ecosystems and food security.

The Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. Signature initiatives include the NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign), National Pollinator Week, and the Ecoregional Planting Guides.



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Our Team


Laurie Davies Adams

Laurie Davies Adams, Executive Director of the Pollinator Partnership, (www.pollinator.org), has for 19 years lead the world’s largest nonprofit devoted solely to the health of all pollinators. As Executive Director of 20 years, she has presided over P2’s signature initiatives, the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), National Pollinator Week, Eco-regional planting guides, the BeeSmart™ Gardener App, the U.S. Bee Buffer Project and Monarch Wings Across America. She has signed agreements with over 11 federal agencies influencing over 1.5 billion acres of US land to encourage pollinator conservation. She is Vice-Chairman of the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Board. Under her direction, the Pollinator Partnership has twice won the EPA’s PESP Champion Award and the Garden Club of America’s National Environmental Stewardship Award. She was a key consultant with the White House on the Presidential Memorandum on Pollinators and instrumental in the development of the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.

Amber Barnes

Amber is a nature enthusiast who holds both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Biology, from the University of Akron. While her undergrad focused on Zoology, she has since broadened her interests through volunteer work and field positions. As a Field Botanist for the Cleveland Metroparks she contributed toward the long-term PCAP (Plant Community Assessment Program), which sparked an interest in vegetative research and the use of native plants in gardening and restoration projects. The following summer she was chosen to participate in the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Conservation and Land Management Internship as a Wildlife Technician. While stationed in Cedar City, Utah, she worked with the local Bureau of Land Management field office on several wildlife projects including greater sage-grouse conservation work, raptor nest surveys, Utah prairie dog studies, as well as several rangeland and riparian ecosystem health assessments. She is excited to bring her plant and wildlife experience together for the Pollinator Partnership as she monitors plant-pollinator relationships through the Bee Buffer and Monarch Wings Across Ohio programs. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, photography, and volunteering.

Stephen Buchmann, Ph.D.

Stephen Buchmann supports pollinator science and outreach at P2 with over a quarter century of experience. His ever-expanding portfolio includes science, art, research, photography, ecotourism, and conservation. Formerly a USDA-ARS research entomologist and currently an adjunct faculty member in the entomology department at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Dr. Buchmann is an expert on bees of the southwest and tropics. A prolific writer, he has authored/co-authored 8 books and over 150 scientific publications, including “The Forgotten Pollinators” which brought the issues of pollination into view for the general public. He has been active in formulating international laws (Sao Paulo Declaration) protecting pollinators and helping put pollinator friendly language into the US Farm Bill. Dr. Buchmann also holds joint research appointments with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. As a founding member of NAPPC, Dr. Buchmann continues to serve on the steering committee and supports special NAPPC projects. He received his doctorate in entomology from the University of California, Davis. His current research interests include native bee nesting behavior, conservation biology and pollination ecology, especially buzz pollination.

Evan Cole

Evan holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Earth Science, from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management, with a concentration in Ecology, at the University of San Francisco. Working at the Pollinator Partnership (P2), he believes that he can utilize his skills and knowledge to institute meaningful and lasting change, and to improve mankind's delicate relationship with the natural world.

Jennifer Davit

Jennifer Davit has worked in horticulture and public gardens for over 15 years. She served as Director of the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park from 2010 through 2014. While at the Lurie Garden, Jennifer managed all aspects of this five-acre chemical free public garden, which attracted over 2 millions visitors annually. She initiated a number of projects, including the Lurie Garden Bee Program, which included installing two bee hives, harvesting and selling honey each year, and providing a number of annual educational programs on gardening for pollinators. Prior to serving at the Lurie Garden, Jennifer lived in Miami where she worked at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Her responsibilities at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden included managing the 16,000-square-foot conservatory and Victoria amazonica pool, creating and delivering educational programs for people of all ages, and developing written and oral interpretation for horticultural exhibits. While at Fairchild, she won Best in Show at the 2004 International Aroid Show. She also has managed the Ward Garden, a 4.5 acre residential estate in Coral Gables, Fla., and served as a horticultural consultant to landscape architects in Miami, Florida on a number of award winning projects. Davit has a master's in public garden management from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and a bachelor's degree in biology from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She has held internships at the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas, Calif., the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kauai, Hawaii, the United States National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., and the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg, Calif.

Mary Galea

As P2's Plant Ecologist Mary develops planting recommendations for pollinator habitat, conducts plant-pollinator interaction research in the U.S., and provides support for Canadian pollinator habitat activities. Mary manages the U.S. Bee Buffer Program and Monarch Wings Across Ohio from P2's Great Lakes Regional Office based in Cleveland, Ohio. Before joining P2 in 2010, Mary was the National Collections Curator for the native seed collection program, Seeds of Success, a 2010 recipient of the Secretary of the Interior's Partners in Conversation Award. She has also worked at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC and has participated in international woody landscape plant germplasam collection efforts with USDA. In addition to working with seed and living collections, Mary has also worked with preserved specimens at the Herbarium of Kent State University. Mary has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Kent State University and a Masters of Natural Resources from the University of Idaho.

Lindsay Kwong

Lindsay’s interest in plants and nature stemmed from gardening weekly with her mom at a young age. She expanded her interest to pollinators while assisting Dr. Vicki Wojcik on her dissertation on how habitat is used by bees in urban landscapes and what factors make a particular site more attractive to local bees. In addition, Lindsay has also worked as a Program Assistant at the Chinatown Public Health Center, Nutrition Services, for the Network for a Healthy California—Chinese Project, which strives to empower the low-income Chinese community in San Francisco to improve their nutritional and physical well-being. Through working at both organizations, Lindsay has had the opportunity to connect food production systems (P2) with public education on proper nutrition, drawing healthy environments and healthy living together. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Molecular & Cell Biology with an emphasis in Cell & Developmental Biology: Physiology from the University of California, Berkeley. In her spare time, she loves to cook, bake, garden, and spend time with her dog and rabbit.

Kathleen Law

Kathleen’s interest in native plants and restoration ecology lead her to discover a love for pollinators and a fascination with their crucial role in sustaining ecosystems. She completed a Masters degree in geography at the University of Guelph, Ontario (Canada), where her research focused on farmer-centered and collaborative approaches to pollinator conservation on farmland. Her favourite research topics are landscape-level habitat provision and crop production interactions, and innovative governance approaches to environmental problems. Kathleen has volunteered on the North American Native Plant Society’s Rescues and Restoration Committee, and led environmental leadership workshops and research internationally, notably in Guyana and Senegal. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Kathleen is engaged with both the urban and rural conservation communities, with a special place in her heart for farmers.

Marguerite Meyer

Marguerite Meyer is a graphic designer based in Santa Cruz, California. She loved to be creative as a child, always making her own clothes, found-object sculptures, greeting cards and intricate ornaments. Her degree in graphic design from the University of Utah was a natural choice. Through the years and changing technology, she has perfected her artistic skills by combining the traditional training, experience and abilities with a command of today's digital software and tools. Operating her own business since 1994, her creative and unique graphic solutions, as well as her attention to detail and deadlines help keep her clients thriving and coming back for more. Some of her clientele include the Pollinator Partnership and NAPPC since 2006, UC Santa Cruz Arts & Lectures, Santa Cruz County Symphony, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Summer Santa Cruz County Magazine and Student Guide Magazine and Soquel Creek Water District. She has taught software application courses through UC Extension. She loves the outdoors and animals and is competitive in U.S. Masters Swimming and an occasional triathlon. Check out her website here.

Mark Moffett, Ph.D.

From the top of the world's tallest tree, to deep in unexplored caves, Mark Moffettt has discovered new species and behavior while risking life and limb to find stories that make people fall in love with the unexpected in nature. Mark is a real-life adventurer with awards for writing and photography... and now the highest honors in exploration, the 2006 Lowell Thomas Medal, from the Explorers Club and Rolex, bestowed on him at Cipriani Wall Street; and the sixth Roy Chapman Andrews Society Distinguished Explorer Award (2008). With a Ph.D. from acclaimed conservationist Edward O. Wilson, Mark remains active in science, with over 80 peer-reviewed publications. He has penned more than 20 articles for National Geographic Magazine, which has featured nearly 500 of his images. You have experienced Mark on Conan O'Brien, the Colbert Report, and NPR.

Liz Moore

Liz loves working in nature and learning through hands-on work as a field researcher. She has worked for a wide range of field projects including bat, bird, and arthropod studies in Arkansas, California, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Liz received her B.S. degree in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she focused on freshwater science. With her degree, she immediately jumped into work as a biological technician throughout the US. When not in the field, Liz enjoys working in her garden and enjoying everything Arkansas’ public lands have to offer. Pollinators have played an important role in every ecosystem Liz was fortunate enough to work in: She looks forward to using her breadth of experience to contribute to the Pollinator Partnership.

Lora Morandin, Ph.D.

Lora Morandin has been doing research on bees and pollination since 1997. She started out working on bee pollination of greenhouse tomatoes at Western University in Ontario and that grew into an interest in native pollinator conservation and sustainable agriculture. She then did a PhD at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia studying modern agriculture and pollinators, followed by post doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley working on enhancement of native pollinators and natural enemy insects through small-scale farm restoration. Lora has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications on pollinators and sustainable agriculture, including innovative work on economic benefits of ecosystem services. She has consulted for government and industry on diverse ecological topics such as seabird oiling from offshore oil and gas operations, and honey bee health research gaps. One of her main interests is finding ways that production and conservation can co-exist for a healthy and sustainable environment. Lora lives in Victoria, British Columbia and when she’s not working part time for Pollinator Partnership Canada, spends time working on her urban farm and enjoying BC’s beautiful natural areas. Lora is excited to be working with P2C to bring more research, outreach, and conservation of pollinators to urban and agricultural areas of Western Canada.

Kelly Rourke

Kelly Rourke has loved nature, in all its capacities, since she was a young girl growing up in upstate New York. Now settled in San Francisco, she has been able to explore and appreciate a very different environment. Kelly holds a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Anthropology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her background in ecology, conservation, and culture has propelled her career in the non-profit sector. Prior to P2, Kelly worked at another Bay Area-based environmental non-profit called Conservacion Patagonica (CP). CP’s mission is to establish national parks in Chile and Argentina where there are not only fragile ecosystems, but also, complex cultural and societal struggles. Kelly is currently working towards a Master’s of Science in Environmental Management at the University of San Francisco.

James E. Sherman

A graduate of UC Berkeley in evolutionary biology, Jamie has been an energy project financier, C-level finance and operations manager, and water resource executive. He has also served on the boards of private and not for profit organizations, the later in chairman and development roles. In addition to natural history, Jamie enjoys fishing, ranching, sailing and woodworking. A fifth generation San Franciscan, he has lived and worked in Chicago, London, Sydney, and Los Angeles during his career. Jamie is married to his high school sweetheart, and is the father of three children, and a faithful Labrador.

Robinson Sudan

Robinson is completing a PhD in Conservation Biology at the University of New Orleans where he has been conducting research for P2 for over three years. His research background is in bee community dynamics and landscape ecology, however as Regional Biologist he is also responsible for helping to develop outreach and education programs, meeting and coordinating with stakeholders, and seeking out opportunities for collaborative research. Robinson is committed to expanding P2's role in scientific research and consulting as well as connecting the public to the science of pollinator conservation.

Tom Van Arsdall

With three decades of experience in the national policy arena, Tom Van Arsdall is widely known and highly respected for his expertise and demonstrated track record on environmental, energy, bioenergy, ag research and conservation issues affecting U.S. agriculture, agribusiness and agriculture’s “downstream neighbors.” Tom currently serves as the Public Policy Representative for the Pollinator Partnership (P2) and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), managed by P2. He is particularly well known for helping diverse stakeholders work together toward consensus-based actions. He has a thorough understanding of the legislative and regulatory process and how to get results. A current client is the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research [Executive Director]. Tom received his MA in economic geography from the University of Illinois. Tom is an active outdoorsman, conservationist and river rat. Currently a houseboat is his home and office on the Chesapeake Bay.

Vicki Wojcik, Ph.D.

Vicki has been working to protect and promote pollinators with Pollinator Partnership since 2011. As Research Director she oversees P2’s research program, keeping on top of new and emerging pollinator issues and managing a program set that includes pollinator habitat conservation and landscape management assessments; understanding and enhancing agroecosystems; landuse and pesticide policy review; support for threatened and critical species; and ecosystem service assessments. Vicki joined the San Francisco team after completing her Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley. In 2015 she returned home to Toronto with the expansion of P2’s programs into Canada. Vicki’s interest in pollinators was sparked during her undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph and has continued ever since. Her graduate research focused on understanding how native bees use gardens and habitats in cities. This focus on pollinators in human-dominated landscapes has continued throughout her career. Vicki’s contributions to pollinator research and conservation include numerous peer reviewed papers, book chapters, policy pieces, planting guides, and technical manuals. The outdoors has always been calling this city girl who enjoys skiing, sailing, hiking, and any excuse to get out of town.

Brian Marston

Brian Marston is President of JNM Associates, Inc. Mr. Marston has over 20 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience helping both large and small organizations maintain financial records for legal and tax purposes, and for internal business control. He has more than seven years experience doing medical billing for small medical offiMr. Marston earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting. He is a Quickbooks Professional Advisor and a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Steve Akeson, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Laurie Davies Adams

Laurie Adams is the Executive Director of the Pollinator Partnership (P2) and has over thirty years experience in management and communications. She began her career at the Public Broadcasting Service, continued in independent film and television, has received numerous awards, including a Gold Medal at the New York International Film and Television Festival. Adams was a Director of the Fortune 500 Shaklee Corporation, has created permanent exhibits in Vancouver, San Francisco, and New York City and produced for Wells Fargo Bank, AT&T, and the Army Corps of Engineers. As Executive Director of the Pollinator Partnership, she has overseen the initial organization and the development of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), the 120 +member collaboration of stakeholders from Mexico, Canada, and the US that work for a variety of fields including science, the environment, agriculture, and private industry. NAPPC's successes under Ms. Adams include the National Academy of Sciences NRC Study on the Status of the Pollinators of North America, the US Postal Service's "Pollination" stamp series, and the US Senate and USDA proclamations creating National Pollinator Week.

Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett is an entrepreneur, business executive, philanthropist and explorer. A Native of San Antonio, Texas, he is the Founder and CEO of Sunbelt Sportswear, an international design and manufacturing company that sold sportswear and accessories in the United States and other countries for 29 years. A former recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Dan was also a member of the Board of Directors of JP Morgan Chase Bank (San Antonio), former chairman of ACCION Texas, (largest non-profit microenterprise lender in the U.S.,) former treasurer of The Mountain Institute (Washington D.C.) and served as treasurer of ACCION USA. Bennett also served as the 36th president of The Explorers Club and has participated in many expeditions involving scientific fieldwork in many different countries around the world. His current non-profit activities include serving on the Presidents Advisory Council of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., the Board of Trustees of Our Lady of The Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, and Exploration Chair for Tree Foundation of Sarasota, Florida. Dan currently enjoys living between New York City and San Antonio with his wife Colette, their two young sons, Grant and Edward, and his two older children, Danny and Marissa.

James Bennington

Dr. Bennington received both his MS and MD degrees from the University of Chicago following a rotating Internship at Presbyterian – St. Luke’s Hospital. He completed his residency training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Chicago and Oakland, California Kaiser Foundation Hospital.

Dr. Bennington has held many academic positions including, Associate Professor of Pathology, Chairman of Pathology Department at both the Children’s Hospital of San Francisco and the California Pacific Medical Center. He has also served as the Emeritus Clinical Professor of Pathology at the University of California at San Francisco and Stanford University Medical Schools. Bennington’s research was concentrated on neoplasia, primarily renal, colon and breast cancer leading to publication of 50 peer-reviewed article, and six pathology textbooks.

During much of his tenure, he served on the Children’s Hospital Foundation Board, including two years as Chairman, and on the California Pacific Medical Center Foundation Board.

Jason Burke

Jason Burke

Jason Burke has always been an outdoorsman and conservationist at heart. A native of the state of North Carolina, Jason grew up enjoying many hunting and fishing expeditions with his father and close friends. As a graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2003, Jason was involved in many wildlife research projects including the Appalachian Cooperative Grouse Research Project (ACGRP), elk reintroduction to the Smoky Mountains, and native grassland restoration effects on migrant/nonmigrant bird communities to name a few. While assisting with these projects in Tennessee, he also worked for a local wildlife damage company that gave him some great experience in solving problems related to the urban/wildlife interface. Jason then pursued and published his masters degree research in the state of Louisiana from 2004-2006 relating to the EFFECTS OF SILVICULTURAL TECHNIQUES AND LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT ON HABITAT QUALITY AND RELATIVE ABUNDANCE FOR NORTHERN BOBWHITES IN A PINE PLANTATION FOREST. While in Louisiana, Jason also worked on research projects pertaining to wild turkey reintroduction, Louisiana black bear reintroduction, Henslow sparrow habitat monitoring, and woodcock migration. Over the past 10 years, Jason has worked extensively with private landowners in the southern United States relating to forestry/wildlife consulting and recreational opportunities. Currently, Jason works as the Recreation and Consulting Services Manager for Soterra LLC (a subsidiary land management business of Greif, Inc.—a worldwide leader in industrial packaging products and services). While at Soterra, Jason was involved in the recent Tiger Swamp pollinator project in southern Mississippi which evaluated alternate land/timber management techniques and their effects on providing mutual benefits to commercial needs (such as timber) and local environmental needs (such as pollinator habitat). Jason’s hobbies are camping/hiking, hunting, fishing, and spending time exploring the woods and swamps of south LA with his son, Thomas.

Gladys Phillips Evans, Ph.D

Gladys Phillips-Evans is an educator who has devoted her professional career to seeking and exploring meaningful way to help children learn. Dr. Phillips-Evans is a graduate of the University of Illinois, California State University-Los Angeles and Pepperdine University from where she received her doctorate degree. Dr. Phillips-Evans interest in Pollinator Partnership came about though friendship and has since sparked an interest and a desire to ensure that children are learning not only the lessons but the value of personal knowledge and involvement in nature and its wonders.

Robert Lee KilPatrick

President & CEO, Health Innovation for People, Inc., focused on delivering a content-rich social network for health with global market-reach for use on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Founding Partner Technology Vision Group LLC (TVG). TVG developed the first partnering platform for life sciences companies, including BioPartnering conferences and the first online business-to- business marketplace (biopartnering.com) for life science IP, products, projects, and collaborations. Robert has been active for 25 years in the creation of international collaborations between public and private sector organizations.

Robert lives on pollinator-friendly land in Santa Cruz County and grows many varieties of fruits and vegetables for his family, friends, and charities. He is a native Californian and is actively engaged in improving the environment.

Mark Moffett, Ph.D.

From the top of the world's tallest tree, to deep in unexplored caves, Mark Moffettt has discovered new species and behavior while risking life and limb to find stories that make people fall in love with the unexpected in nature. Mark is a real-life adventurer with awards for writing and photography... and now the highest honors in exploration, the 2006 Lowell Thomas Medal, from the Explorers Club and Rolex, bestowed on him at Cipriani Wall Street; and the sixth Roy Chapman Andrews Society Distinguished Explorer Award (2008). With a Ph.D. from acclaimed conservationist Edward O. Wilson, Mark remains active in science, with over 80 peer-reviewed publications. He has penned more than 20 articles for National Geographic Magazine, which has featured nearly 500 of his images. You have experienced Mark on Conan O'Brien, the Colbert Report, and NPR.

Martin Rosen

Martin Rosen has been involved in land conservation for more than 30 years. He is cofounder of the Trust for Public Land and was its CEO for 20 years. TPL has conserved thousands of urban and rural landscapes with an aggregate value in excess of $1.5 Billion. Mr. Rosen is Vice Chair of the P2 Board and has been since its beginning.

Steve Shestag

Steve Shestag is the director of Enterprise Remediation for The Boeing Company. He is responsible for shaping an integrated strategy for completion of environmental remediation activities, as well as leading environmental due diligence activities to support the company’s mergers, acquisitions and property transactions. Shestag has over 30 years of experience in environmental permitting, geotechnical studies, remedial investigation, contaminant treatment, engineering design, stormwater management, sustainable remediation, water supply studies and program management. His expertise includes working with diverse groups of stakeholders to find practical and timely solutions that improve the environment and reduce risks. Shestag has also led the visioning, design and creation of a variety of restoration projects, including riparian habitat in the Arroyo Seco watershed, nearly 500 acres of native habitat near Reno, NV and pollinator habitat outside Kansas City, KS. Prior to joining Boeing in 1996, he was an engineering geologist for two major environmental engineering firms. Shestag earned a bachelor’s degree in geochemistry from San Diego State University. He is registered as a professional geologist and a certified engineering geologist in California. Shestag serves on the Board of Directors for the LA Conservation Corps, which provides job skills training and education for inner-city youth and young adults. He resides in Ventura, California where he enjoys participating in beach cleanups and habitat restoration events. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, mountain biking, general aviation, fly-fishing and hiking with his wife, Carol.

Terry Witzel

Terry Witzel’s career has focused on agriculture, food processing and food distribution.  He is also interested in promoting sustainable food systems and serves as a member of the San Mateo County Food System Alliance. Additionally, Terry serves on the Agricultural Advisory Council for the California State Fair.  He joined the Pollinator Project because of its emphasis on the global and economic importance of pollinators in food crop production. Most recently, Terry managed food solicitation and procurement for both a regional and a local food bank until his retirement in 2011.  Previously, he managed the California office of American Farmland Trust, working to protect productive farmland for future generations.  He began his career with the largest U.S. farmer-owned cooperative processor of private label canned fruits and vegetables and rose to the position of Vice President of Corporate Relations.  Terry earned a B.S. in Agricultural Education from the University of California at Davis and an M.B.A. in Business Management from San Jose State University.

National Advisors

  • David Anderson, P.C.
  • Peter Carpenter
  • William Conway
  • Joan Ganz Cooney
  • Anne Ehrlich
  • Paul J. Growald- Founder and Chairman Emeritus
  • Will Rogers
  • Peter Seligmann
  • Martha Stewart
  • Jerry Tone

Science Advisors

  • May Berenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Adrian Forsyth, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Janzen, Ph.D.
  • Don Kennedy, Ph.D.
  • Peter Raven, Ph.D.
  • Larry Stritch, Ph.D.
  • E.O. Wilson, Ph.D.
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