By facilitating information access and exchange, the IABIN PTN will support successful monitoring and management of pollinator populations throughout the western hemisphere.


Pollinator Data Portal

The Pollinator Data Portal allows data owners to publish and standardize digital pollinator observation, specimen, and interaction data online for scientific research and public access. These data are generously made available through the IABIN by a wide range of institutions and organizations from around the world.

The types of data being shared through the Pollinator Data Portal are:

  1. Species occurrence records (based on specimens and observations) - information about the occurrence of species at particular times and places (pollinators and plants).
  2. Names and classifications of organisms - information on the names (both scientific and common) used for species and on the classification of those organisms into taxonomic hierarchies.
  3. Species Interaction records – information about interactions among pollinators and plants.

Pollinator Data Portal (New page)

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